Hair Removal

Reduce your unwanted hair for the short term with waxing or the long term with our pain free permanent hair reduction treatment using our safe and very effective IPL super hair removal program.

Pain Free Permanent Hair Reduction

With summer coming to an end, now is the perfect time to start your permanent hair reduction program. 

We use the latest IPL “in-motion” technology to reduce unwanted hair safely, painlessly and effectively.  IPL treatment will require at least 6 treatments spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart for the best results. A complimentary 30 minute skin and health consultation, including patch test, is required prior to any IPL treatment.

Please do your own research into IPL hair removal treatments and be-aware that some clinics offer very cheap IPL hair removal for a reason; they use inferior, lower power IPL machines, apply the minimum training and safety standards and typically require over 10 treatments.

Daniella is our IPL and Laser Safety Standards Officer. Daniella graduated top in her class in the Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Laser and Light Therapies and the Graduate Certificate in IPL and Laser Hair Reduction at the Sydney Dermal and Beauty Institute. Daniella oversees all our IPL treatments.

Our primary focus is on treatment safety and effectiveness.

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Testimonial from Therese:  “Amazing new laser. Totally painless. It’s true. I almost fell asleep. Good pricing options and Danielle is a very experienced therapist – reassuring and professional and a pleasure to deal with.”

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pain free hair removal


Shambala’s waxing services uses premium grade waxing product for sensitive skin to remove unwanted hair. Our highly experienced staff pride themselves on providing a very thorough, gentle and hygienic service. 


pain free hair removal

   Wax  IPL  IPL x 4
 underarm  $25  $65  $200
 bikini (f)  $35  $65  $200
 G-string (f)  $45  $90  $280
 brazilian (f)  $65  $115  $340
1/2 leg  $35  $110  $340
 full leg  $55  $190  $580
 full back (m)  $55  $225  $680
 chest (m)  $55  $150  $460
 stomach (m)  $35  $130  $400


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