Reiki Healing and Guidance

Shambala Skin Spa is excited to introduce Reiki Healing and Guidance with Sarah.  Sarah is a Reiki Master and teacher who works from the heart. Sarah’s gift is helping to guide people back to their true path in life. She helps uncover gifts and abilities that are part of their purpose. Sarah especially enjoys working with teenagers and young adults to help them shift emotions and thought patterns that can hold them back from reaching their true potential. For those ready, it can facilitate a spiritual connection which can involve our spiritual guides and helpers.

Reiki is a truly memorable experience.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of energetic hands on healing that increases the life force energy (Ki) flowing into the body.  It is a beautiful, subtle energy that can heal on many different levels in the body – physical, emotional, spiritual.  The energy will go to the areas it is needed most.  It brings a wonderful sense of peace and lightness of spirit. Many people feel a deep sense of relaxation and clarity during and after a treatment.  Hands are placed on different areas of the body to direct the Reiki.  All the recipient has to do is relax and be open to receiving this wonderful form of healing.  Clients remain fully clothed for the treatment.

Healing sessions include chakra balancing, Reiki healing, use of crystals and aura essences. Messages and guidance will be discussed at the end of the treatment.

Reiki Healing and Guidance sessions with Sarah are $150 for 75 minutes and available by appointment only on Mondays at 10am, 11.30am or 1.45pm. Call 99681588 to book yours.

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