Shambala Day Spa has Mosman’s finest Laser Clinic treatments ready for you


The progression of laser technology has meant some amazing treatments are now available for our clients here in Mosman. Hair removal laser treatments, once extremely expensive and painful, are now far more accessible, and at Shambala Day Spa, we have wasted no time in staying up to date.

Our investment in Intense Pulsed Light treatments means that we can now offer our clients the finest treatment on the market. Super Hair Removal uses a diffused laser, and is able to permanently damage hair follicles in your skin, ensuring that they don’t grow back. The light penetrates your skin and heats the papilla – the aspect of your hair follicles which results in growth – and damages it, without damaging your skin as a whole.

The biggest advantage of this form of hair removal is the relatively large ‘footprint’ of the light – meaning you are able to cover larger areas than you were prior. This is particularly important for clients looking to remove back hair, or hair on the legs, which would have previously taken considerably longer.

Super Hair Removal is able to keep you comfortable with a cooling applicator, to ensure that your skin does not overheat. Despite this, it is important that you attend your treatment with your skin in good health, to ensure that you stay comfortable. With as few as four visits to Shambala Day Spa, you can relieve yourself of the necessity of shaving or waxing, forever.

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