Shambala Day Spa: Skin Rejuvenation treatment for the Lower North Shore


With the striking weather of the summertime upon us, Sydney residents want to show some more skin. It’s a natural impulse, when living in a seaside city blessed with outstanding summer weather. Many would feel remiss if they failed to make the most of this time, and devote their evenings and weekends to the beach.

At Shambala Day Spa, we can make sure that you bring your absolute best to the seaside. Our treatments are designed to revive and revitalise your skin, and to extend to you the confidence to flaunt it throughout the Sydney summer.

Our expertly staff provide a wealth of treatments geared at skin rejuvenation and recovery for our clients. Our lineup of skin and facial treatments include:

We make use of the Ultraceutical lineup of skin care products, both during your procedure and afterwards. We specialise in non-invasive and gentle treatments, so you can be back to your daily schedule as quickly as possible.

We can help you tackle any skin ailment, including dry, flaky skin, rosacea, or cellulite. Or, perhaps you simply want to spoil yourself. No matter your needs, we can help you to look your very finest, and offer tips on how continue to do so. Our expert skin consultants will be able to provide you with a plan of action, to achieve soft and beautiful skin over the long-term. We want our treatment and care to last.

At Shambala Day Spa, we are experts in skin rejuvenation treatment for the Lower North Shore. Come and pay us a visit!