Skin Care – Real, Visible Results

Testimonial 1: Caroline

I approached Shambala because I had a problem with combination (dry/dehydrated/oily t-zone/blackheads on nose and chin) skin!  Shambala and Daniella helped me by first of all asking me about my skin history, examining my skin, treating my skin during appointments but also making recommendations about how to cleanse, moisturise and treat my skin both morning and night whilst at home.  I now have a shelf full of high quality products [Ultraceuticals] to treat my specific requirements, I have not deviated from these products as I am very pleased with all aspects of them.  The result was (is) amazing! I have not had a single dry patch on my skin since I started my treatments (over 18 months) ago.  I suffered with dry skin previously all my adult life (I’m 38). I have almost no blackheads on my nose and chin and my oily skin which is seasonal is now managed accordingly with the right products.

One thing I love is Daniella’s attention to detail, she records my treatment history as well as the products I purchase in-salon.  I receive recommendations with respect to products as well as with respect to if/when I’m taking medications which may interfere with, in particular, the active products.  I have been able to manage my skincare with relative ease with Daniella’s simple advice.  Daniella is happy to receive calls/emails for advice – Shambala goes above and beyond.

I found the overall experience of attending Shambala to be relaxing, it is my wind-down zone away from [no matter how wonderful they are] husband, toddler and dog!  Shambala was particularly special to me post-natally when I needed time to rest and simply have time to take care of myself.  Now Shambala is special to me because they have a beautiful salon, it’s a relaxing environment, the staff and customer service is second-to-none and I have all the products I ever need to hand.

I would recommend Shambala to people who need treatments for a specific problem, treatments for enjoyments sake, services to repair ones soul and a beautiful ginger tea to enjoy inside if it’s cold, or in the gorgeous Balinese inspired garden and a hot towel in preparation for walking out of the salon and back into reality!

Thank you Rosie, Daniella and wider team for being everything a hardworking mum needs every few weeks.

Testimonial 2: Trista

For years, I had suffered breakouts that at it’s worst, would result in cystic acne along the jaw line and chin and at times, could be quite painful and result in scarring. After consulting numerous physicians, dermatologists and beauticians, and trying various medications, skin care treatments and diets to combat the problem with little effect, it was recommended I visit the team at Shambala Day Spa.

I was immediately at ease with Daniella from my first visit, who was understanding of my problem and demonstrated outstanding knowledge of the Ultraceuticals range, how the products work and what course of action would best suit me.

Following an initial skin consultation and thorough discussion about my problem areas, history and current skin care routine, Daniella prescribed a series of Ultraceuticals medi-facials and an at-home skin care routine using a range of Ultraceuticals products tailored to my skin’s needs. Daniella’s kindness and support – and confidence that within a few months I would be seeing great results – was an immediate boost to my self-esteem, and a great relief knowing that I could actually turn my skin around without needing to resort to harsh medications or chemical peels.

18 months later and my skin now has a healthy, youthful glow – breakouts are minimal (no more cystic acne!) and I’m comfortable in my own skin; something I haven’t felt for years! Daniella and I are now working together on a maintenance program using the Ultraceuticals medi-facials and at-home products, and she continues to provide me with support on my quest for beautiful skin, always quizzing me on how my skin has been since my last visit and checking which areas I want to focus on next so we can tailor the treatments.

I can’t thank Daniella – and Ultraceuticals – enough for my ‘new’ skin!

Testimonial 3: Kobie

Prior to August 2013 I would have a facial as a special treat, perhaps once or twice a year. That changed following my first treatment with Daniella at Shambala Day Spa. The truly spa like surroundings of Shambala create a relaxing environment from the moment I walk in the door and am greeted by one of the lovely team members. Combine this with a fantastic skin therapist and I was hooked.

From my first treatment with Daniella she impressed me with her expertise and knowledge in skin care, accompanied with a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. Daniella surprised me with a phone call a few days after the treatment to ask how my skin had responded to the treatment. I booked in a follow-up treatment straight away and, since then, my monthly facial with Daniella at Shambala Day Spa is no longer considered just a special treat, but a non-negotiable monthly appointment. I am thrilled with the results that I have had from the Ultraceutical treatments and products that Daniella has recommended to me. They are now my skin care go to product. I trust her implicitly with her recommendations as she has increased the strength of the treatments and products that I use and continue to have great results. On the few occasions that Daniella has not been available, she has ensured to provide a detailed handover of the Ultraceutical treatment and products to one of her team members at Shambala to use to follow on from my last treatment. Daniella has delivered real results and I look forward to being a client for many years to come